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Registered Name: CH Howling Pines Wildmoon Guardian

(CH Winterchill’s Cruz’n Spirit X HowlingPines Rise ‘n’ Shine)

Call Name: Artemis

Artemis is a working malamute true to form. She has strong character, boundless energy and drive! Her obedience skills, much like her mother Onishkaa are a definite strength. Sometimes her energy level gets her into trouble with the less tolerant serious mals!! She prefers to be at the front of the line and at times when exercising….even in front of the machine!



Health Certificates

  • OFA Hip Certification: Good

  • OFA Elbow Certification: Normal

  • BVA Hip Certification: score 7

  • BVA Elbow Certification: score 0

  • OFA Thyroid Certification: Normal

  • OFA Cardiac Certification: Normal

  • OFA Dentition Certification: Full Dentition

  • OFA Patellar Luxation Certification: Normal

  • OFA Eye Certification: Clear

  • DNA Analysis

    • Coat Length: S/L, Carrier

    • Polyneuropathy: N/N, Clear

DOB:  May 24, 2011


Breeding History


Artemis proved to be an awesome mom in November of 2015. She gave us 7 puppies, only one of which was a baby girl. That one and only girl is Shei who is still here at The Pines today and we are so grateful for her!! Artemis has since retired and has a wonderful home with 3 awesome children showering her with love daily! She visits us for sleepovers and grooming regularly.

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