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From The Barber Family

Our family is so lucky to have found Howling Pines. Our Stewie was from a litter of 9 puppies and Nicole hand selected him for our young family to be. Stewie was home for a year before his human brothers started arriving. Stewie had been trained at Howling Pines so he already had manners. He was so gentle with the boys when they were babies and now the three of them are inseparable. Stewie is my best friend and can make my day even when things are down. He is happiest walking through the neighborhood, or even better a forest. Like most Malamutes Stewie is a very good eater and easily trained with treats. We are very greatful to have such a wonderful dog. We highly recommend Howling Pines and they are the only breeder we would ever consider for adopting a dog into our family.



From The Veale Family

Our quest for finding a pet in 2009 ended with Nicole Jamieson and Howling Pines.  In 2008 Nicole let us know of the possibility that we could be on the list for a puppy from her next litter due in early 2009.  Well, on January 25th our little bundle of fur arrived.  Through Nicole’s very professional expertise and experience, she matched us with a black and white, male Malamute.  We took a weekend journey to visit the litter and meet Nicole and maybe even more importantly for her to meet us.  I know Nicole wants the absolute best homes for her dogs, so I understand the reason for a “meet and greet”.   We passed and then took our second trip to pick up our 11-week old puppy to become ours.   Mischka is now just over 12 years old.  He has been an absolutely amazing companion to our entire family.  Mostly there is just my husband and me, but occasionally there are kids and grandkids that come into his life and he welcomes them all.  I also work from home and recently with COVID, I have been using the entranceway to our home where Mischka is.  He is our greeter always with a wagging tail and big smile.   He is not without his quirks but taking the time to understand his way of communicating and keeping him out of situations that he doesn’t like (which is only one), he is happy, obedient, and loyal.   Mischka has had no health issues to speak of.  He broke an incisor a very long time ago and was quilled by a porcupine once at a very young age.  Being in the bush quite a bit, he has had a few ticks.  A thorough combing through and finger prodding after a jaunt in the bush is always necessary.  Now, a senior dog, he is a bit slower, doesn’t look any grayer, and just every bit as puppyish when kids come to play.   Nicole is an amazing dog-lover and her research and investment in breeding has given her and consequently the families to which her dogs call home, a healthy, well-tempered pet. She is always and forever interested in her dogs and very accessible to ask questions and answer any concerns.    I would highly recommend Nicole and Howling Pines to anyone looking for a Malamute to add to their family.  We not only added a new pet to our family but a new friend as well!  


From Kona's Family

My husband and I had a dream of owning an Alaskan Malamute. When the time came, many weeks of research to find the best breeder in Canada, brought us to Howling Pines Alaskan Malamutes. 
Nicole Jamieson, owner, breeder, veterinary technician and animal wrangler invited us for a visit to meet her and her pack.
From minute one it was apparent how much Nicole loves and cares for her Mals. We loved her holistic approach and she is a treasure trove of knowledge. Nicole’s standards of breeding and health checks are extremely important to her, you will be impressed!
What I know you really want to hear about is the dogs. All of Nicole’s Mals are beautiful, spirited, friendly and above all healthy. Howling Pines is a magical place!
When we took home our precious girl Kona, I couldn’t have dreamed how much she would change our lives. Kona is an entertainer, a  comedian, always smiling with a never ending supply of kisses and cuddles. Her best friend is my 19 year old cat Twix. Everyday Kona brings us laughs, smiles, pure joy and love. We can’t imagine life without her. We love updating Nicole with pictures. It’s amazing to have such a level of support from a breeder. We feel honored to be part of the Howling Pines family and are excitedly waiting for our second Malamute!
Sarah J Wood 


From Andrew Taz & Hudson

There’s so much I could say about how wonderful the Howling Pines Family is but then again this is meant to be a review after all and not a memoir. When we first contacted Nicole at Howling Pines it was well before we actually brought Hudson (Howling Pines Worth The Wait) home with us. Anyone who has done their homework will know that bringing a Malamute into your home is a wonderful, loving and joyful experience for sure. But it’s also about being honest that as majestic and magnificent as this breed is, it does require a forever family and someone willing to put in as much work as is required. Cue Nicole who is both an incredible breeder and Malamute advocate.  She is an incredible “Mama Bear” of her Malamutes; it shows in the healthiness and temperament of her lines.  We have been fortunate to have had Hudson in our immediate family for the past 5.5 years and there is still not a day that goes by where we aren’t grateful for what he brings to our family. Nicole and the Howling Pines family are not simply just friends/acquaintances they are really and truly an extended family who is always there for guidance and support to give Hudson the majestic life that his breed deserves in a forever home. In truth Hudson has been an absolute blessing to our family and we were so fortunate to have been selected to join the Howling Pines family as it’s an exclusive membership that we treasure along with Hudson. So if you are serious about entering the world of Malamutes there is none better than Nicole and she is truly a great source for these amazing incredible furry beasts who’s love is worth it a million times over. 

Andrew, Taz & Hudson


From Tracey's Family

Our family has been lucky to have had three of Howling Pines’ Alaskan Malamutes.  We first met Nicole, twenty years ago, when she helped us fill a life-long dream of owning a Malamute.  What we got was more than a puppy, we got an extended family.   Nicole’s genuine love and concern for her ‘kids’, and her responsible attention to detail, ensures a great experience.  Nicole has always been available to answer a question, or offer advice.  Her tireless commitment to her dogs, goes well beyond the day they come home with you. We truly can’t say enough about Howling Pines, and Nicole, and are fortunate to have her and her dogs in our lives.


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