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Registered Name: HowlingPines Quest for Red Dog

(GrCH Winterchill’s Fueled By Fire X HowlingPines Chill Seeker)

Call Name: Journey

Journey is a gentle, easy going dog with a wonderful temperament. Although not yet a real fan of the show scene, she is in our humble opinion a beautiful representation of a female malamute! We love watching her float along in her effortless movement and seeing how agile she can be. She can often be found lounging on the highest available surface she can get to, where she seems to enjoy the view! She loves being paired up with her Mother Quest and/or her brother Onyx. She is delightful and devilish all at once. We love our sable sweetheart.




Health Certificates

  • OFA Hip Certification: Good

  • OFA Elbow Certification: Normal

  • BVA Hip Certification: Score of 10

  • BVA Elbow Certification: Score of 0

  • OFA Thyroid Certification: Normal

  • OFA Cardiac Certification: Normal

  • OFA Dentition: Full Dentition

  • OFA Patellar Luxation: Normal

  • OFA Eye Certification: Last Done 3/23/19, Clear

  • DNA Analysis

    • Coat Length: S/L, Carrier

    • Polyneuropathy: Clear

DOB:  October 22, 2015


Breeding History


Journey was paired with our boy McKade on Valentines Day of course in 2020. This union gave us Atticus, who was an absolute joy to have here, before he went to his forever home with friends. He was and is most adorable, fun loving, outgoing and hilarious! Prior to heading off to his forever pack and home, he followed in Iikona's footsteps and decided to try a bit of acting. We are so proud of his performance and can't wait to share the details when the time is right. In the meantime, we have some very exciting breeding plans for Journey,  so do stay tuned! 

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