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Registered Name:  HowlingPines Shine On

Call Name: Legacy

Legacy and Junebug are HowlingPines’ dynamic duo. They are sisters and spend most days horsing around together keeping themselves and everyone around them quite amused! They are both horrible singers however they belt it out with no shame, often starting the howl off’s, which end up including the entire pack. Legacy earned most of her Canadian Championship points as a youngster at one of our Alaskan Malamute Specialties. She quite enjoys strutting her stuff and we are hopeful to return her to the ring soon to complete her title and then move on to other exciting events. We love how she moves effortlessly, her playful disposition and her spunk! 



Health Certificates 

  • OFA Hip Certification: Excellent

  • OFA Elbow Certification: Normal

  • BVA Hip Certification: Pending

  • BVA Elbow Certification: Pending

  • OFA Thyroid Certification: Normal 

  • OFA Cardiac Certification: Normal

  • OFA Dentition: Full Dentition

  • OFA Patellar Luxation: Normal

  • OFA Eye Certification: CAER last cleared 07/11/20

  • DNA Analysis

    • Coat Length: Normal S/S

    • Polyneuropathy: Clear

DOB:  June 15, 2017


On June 18,2021 Legacy and Onyx blessed us with 6 beautiful puppies. 3 males and 3 females. We are beyond thrilled with these puppies as are their new families. We will be introducing our 'keeper' from this litter very soon....we are very excited to watch him grow and develop his sweet, sweet personality!


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