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Registered Name: HowlingPines Summer Love

( HowlingPines For The Chill of It X HowlingPines Heaven Sent )

Call Name: Zeus

Zeus is the coolest combination of his Mom Shei and his Dad McKade. He has McKade's Sweet gentleman like personality and is one of our hardest physical workers here at The Pines which he comes by honestly, thanks to his parents.  His favourite partner in crime is his half sister Nova. Together they make a fabulous team in harness and at just about anything they do.  He is a powerhouse yet soft hearted and rather snugly for a big macho looking kind of guy.



Health Certificates: Pending as he is still under the age of 24 months

  • OFA Hips: 

  • OFA Elbows: 

  • BVA Hips: 

  • BVA Elbows: 

  • OFA Thyroid Disease:

  • OFA Cardiac Disease: 

  • OFA Dentition: 

  • OFA Patellar Luxation:

  • DNA Analysis

    • Coat Length: SS, Normal Coat

    • Polyneuropathy: Clear

  • EYES 


Breeding History


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